Type Strain Genome Server

Underlying genomes Data type Distance formula Distance algorithm Finished at
1023,10906,11563,117975,118... 16S D5 CharacterCoverage 2021-03-27 01:04:08 +0100
Percent G+C δ statistics Genome size (in bp) Number of proteins SSU lengths (in bp)
34.29 - 48.05 0.242 - 0.42 2,203,310 - 8,140,168 1,968 - 4,254 1,092 - 1,534

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The formula of the GBDP method used here assumes clean data, i.e. full-length 16S rRNA gene sequences without ambiguities. Incompletely sequenced genomes may yield incomplete 16S rRNA gene sequences and sequences with ambiguities. In such cases branch lengths will be overestimated, sometimes considerably so. Carefully consider the indicated lengths of the 16S sequences. Alternatively, you can use our gene phylogeny server which infers a maximum-likelihood as well as a maximum-parsimony phylogeny from all uploaded sequences, including bootstrapping.

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